Municipal music school

The municipal music school is a school specialized in teaching the various disciplines of music. Its mission is to provide the best educational conditions for as many young children and adults as possible, a musical practice and a good musical culture in the proposed disciplines, to pass on the art of music, to encourage the vocations and to develop future active, creative and enthusiastic amateurs. These concerns, shared with the community, should result in the development of joint exercise and creation of activities that contribute to different cultural traditions, particularly as asset for the music associations of Steenvoorde. 


It is at the local level, a vibrant musical center of the cultural life of the city.

Proposed training

Musical training for children and adults. 

Instruments : flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion ...

Orchestra Class

Musical education : enrollment at the beginning of CE1 (second grade)

The study of an instrument can be started from September in the 3rd year of music school. For the best in music theory and instrument there is the possibility for an initiation on piano (maximum four years) as a second instrument (i.e. from the 4th year of music). Continuation of the first instrument is required.

Orchestra Class : The students of the music school integrate from their second year instrument the orchestra class.


Photo of the orchestra class


The orchestra class is primarily for the children to discover the fun of playing together, but also to make them aware of following the instructions and advices of the conductor. They give some small concerts per year and take part in the gala of the philharmony with pleasure .

The students also integrate easily in a large harmony: the local philharmony.